Facility Networks

(Applicable on the 600, 2000, and 5000 Gallons a day systems)

This is a system that would fit for a factory / corporate building (with 150-300 employees), a high-rise building, hospitals, schools, and other governmental agencies projects.

The C-630 is ideal for Facility Networking applications:

  • It’s the best solution for networked applications due to its simplicity and reliability.
  • It is built of stainless steel on a stainless steel frame and designed on casters so it can be moved through a standard sized door.
  • The C-630 self-monitors water quality and will reject water not meeting the purity standard set.
  • up to 200 locations. (See under Applications)
  • Produces up to 630 gallons of steam distilled water per day
  • Energy reuse provides cost efficiency (typically less than $0.04 per gallon)
  • Ease of maintenance – only 7 moving parts.
  • Low cost of maintenance & Reliable.
  • Quiet operation












Here is a great example of a horizontal Facility Network. The C-630 system is set up to provide this 1.4 million sq. ft warehouse with water on demand at 55 locations throughout the complex as well as water for the cafeteria needs.





This wonderful vertical Facility Network application is in a luxury apartment complex in New Jersey overlooking Manhattan. There are 225 apartments getting water from a C-630 system in the roof-top mechanical room.