Area Networks

The C-50 or C-60/75 water distiller could be networked to 5 – 10 different dispensers where they
can provide the employer and employees with consistent quality water. They can serve several needs as well.The functions of the C-50 or C-60/75 are relatively the same and include the following features:

  • Automatic Drainage. (It could be turned to Manual upon request).
  • Higher Product Water Capacity. (Up to 50 Gallons a day).
  • Containing a pump that allows the user to connect it to 6 – 10 dispensers in the desired locations. The result is impeccable.
  • Automatic leak-shut-off
  • 50 Gallons Built-in stainless steel storage tank plus what will be stored in the dispensers.
  • Water Quality Detector for consistent water quality and security










There are several Area Networks in Northern New Jersey serving multi-family apartments.

Most are installed with metering to each apartment.

Each user is billed monthly based on usage.