Pure Water™ Ultima Classic

The ultimate in convenience and purity.

With a multistage purification process, the Pure Water™ ULTIMA Classic systems filter out particulate matter, boil the water to kill bacteria and viruses, and leave behind virtually all of the remaining contaminants in the water.

The result: drinking water that is 99.99% pure.  Available 100% of the time

It produces up to twelve gallons of distilled water per day and is equipped with internal stainless steel storage tanks and delivers room temperature, cold, and hot distilled water through the dispenser.

The benefits of the Pure Water™ ULTIMA Classic systems go beyond customers and employees. Equipment and machinery that use water – steamers, ultrasonic cleaners and humidifiers all run better, with less downtime and lower maintenance costs, when you use high purity water.


8 gallons per day
10 gallons per day
12 gallons per day
Internal tank: 2 Gal (7.6 liter)
Room/Cold: 4 Gal (15.1 liter)
Hot: 0.25 G (1 liter)
width: 13” (33 cm)
depth: 12.25” (31 cm)
height: 62” (157 cm)


Pure Water™ Ultima Classic specifications

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