Pure Water™ C630 produces 630 gallons per day


  • Fully automatic operation
  • Automatic start-up and shutdown based on storage tank level
  • Self-monitoring for purity and other key features
  • Designed to be wheeled through a standard door for ease of movement prior to installation
  • Space saving design allows unit to be pushed flat against wall – only requires access from two sides
  • Designed for minimal maintenance
  • Very few moving parts
  • No critical adjustments to worry about








Pure Water™ C630 specifications







Applications in addition to drinking water:

Housing Complexes—for providing steam distilled water for drinking water.

Office Buildings—for providing steam distilled water for the employees and customers.

Schools — for laboratory uses, food preparation.

Rest Homes — for humidification, food preparation.

Hospitals — for laboratory uses, food preparation, humidification, medical procedures.

Dental Clinics — for sterilization, oral irrigation, dental equipment.

Restaurants— for food preparation, steamers.

Coffee Service— drinking water for coffee machines.

Medical Applications— for medical procedures, photographic processing.

Laboratories— for analytical, utensil washing.

Pharmaceutical Industry — for preparations, laboratory uses, process water.

Cosmetic Companies— for preparations, laboratory uses, process water.

Photography Businesses — for photographic processing.

Electronic Industries — for cleaning electronic items, process water.

Plating Industries — for cleaning surfaces.