Hippocrates Health Recommends Pure Water Brand Distillers

The Hippocrates Health Institute of West Palm Beach, Florida, a leader in the field of natural and complementary wellness education, recommends Pure Water™ Brand distillers and will soon make the distillers available through the institute’s website.

Brian Clement, PhD, NMD, LN, co-director of the institute and best-selling author, has personally used a Pure Water Brand distiller in his home for decades.

“Forty years ago… I was very fortunate that my mentor in health at that point told me the only way to drink water is if you distill it,” Clement said. “I installed a Midi Still and raised four children drinking this water. I drink a minimum of a half a gallon a day of this water.”

Clement and the Hippocrates Institute recommend distillation to their clients as part of their Life Transformation programs. “Distillers are something we believe in here at Hippocrates and something we tell people that they should seriously consider at the top of their list since water is even actually more important than the food we eat initially.” Clement said. “The air you breathe the water you drink and the food you eat are all essential to have a healthy, vibrant and long life.”

Pure Water™ Distillers will be available through the Hippocrates Institute store online and at their campus in West Palm Beach. Clements said he recommends the Pure Water™ brand not just for its effectiveness is distilling high-purity drinking water, but for the quality of products, which are made by a family-owned company in Nebraska.

“I have only replaced one five-dollar piece (on my distiller), maybe twenty-five years ago,” Clement said. “This has been probably the best investment I’ve ever made in my life for any product at all.

So if you’re looking for a distiller, as I tell people, go to the company that was around before you were born and will be well around when your grandchildren are grown up.”

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