Quality and functionality at an affordable price.

Food-grade 304 stainless steel used throughout. 316 stainless steel available on special order.

Produces up to 60 U.S. gallons of high quality distilled water per day capacity. Designed with purity alert protection; if water purity deviates, the system automatically shuts down.

Small enough to fit in limited space.  Solid-state controls result in reliable performance. The dual, interchangeable heating elements provide consistent production regardless of location.

Designed for ease of access.  Worldwide experience has shown the C-50 to have remarkably low maintenance.

The C-50 with an integrated DI system built-in will produce 16 megaohm water that meets ASTM Class 1 requirements, as well as USP requirements. This ultra-pure water meets the needs of Pharmaceutical and Medical/Laboratory environments.




C50 & C60 specifications



Applications in addition to drinking water:

Laboratories— for analytical, utensil washing.

Restaurants— for food preparation, steamers.

Plating Industries — for cleaning surfaces.

Schools — for laboratory uses, food preparation.

Rest Homes — for humidification, food preparation.

Photography Businesses — for photographic processing.

Dental Clinics — for sterilization, oral irrigation, dental equipment.

Hospitals — for laboratory uses, food preparation, humidification, medical procedures.

Coffee Service— drinking water for coffee machines.

Medical Applications— for medical procedures, photographic processing.

Cosmetic Companies— for preparations, laboratory uses, process water.

Pharmaceutical Industry — for preparations, laboratory uses, process water.

Electronic Industries — for cleaning electronic items, process water.

Housing Complexes—for providing steam distilled water for drinking water.

Office Buildings—for providing steam distilled water for the employees and customers.

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